Samuli Järvensivu
at Fincumet

Private company


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Materials Processes

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Passion I live by the motto of our company: “recycling is everything”. My passion is to find ways to refine recyclable metals without having a chain of unnecessary middlemen. In Finland, I want to offer our customers a sustainable and profitable recycling concept. Internationally, I want to be part of a global community and meet new people, learn about new cultures. If I can go home every night knowing that I’ve contributed to making the world a slightly better place, I know I’m living my passion. How did I become me? I grew up learning the recycling business from my dad, one bit at a time. I guess that is how I inherited my entrepreneurial spirit. We started trading internationally in 2006 and that is when the company really started growing. Now I am CEO. I was never going to be a “trash metal man”, but honestly, I wouldn’t change it for the world. The problems I solve In a global, multicultural business environment I am faced with various verbal and cultural barriers on a daily basis. Where languages and cultures don’t collide, we are left with the core question: how can we serve our customers better, so they can dispose of their metal waste as effortlessly as possible?