Ivana Maleš
Director, Consultant
at Circular Economy Institute

Circular Economy Institute
Nongovernmental organization


Expert in:

Policy Law Society Environment Materials Processes Construction ICT

More about this expert:

The problems I solve With all the experiences throughout the years I can provide quality consulting to many entities - developers, investors, experts, municipalities but also to start ups, foundations, developing countries and little organizations that need some advice on environmental aspects of their services or products. I can cover small services but also help with covering big development projects. How did I become me? I’m a waste management consultant; I provide consulting services in field of waste management but also have been a part of big projects that required wider knowledge in environmental and building issues. I was also managing and controlling these projects, giving them main ideas, goals and structure. In every of my project I’ve always worked hard to be thorough, thoughtful and competent and being very capable of building and maintaining relationship with internal and external partners. I expressed strong professional commitment and in the same time have shown strong interpersonal skills, as well as an ability to work under pressure as a strong team player. My professional abilities contributed very much to the success of the projects also in sensitive and fragile environment. Passion For me the most important thing is to create new ideas, build effective alliances, act and participate environmentally in everyday life. Let your story inspire other people globally, change how people act, inspire them to create, innovate, act, participate and create the better future now.