Dmitry Sazonov
Business development director
at b100 consulting

b100 consulting
Private company


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Finance Society Environment Energy Air Mobility

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Passion Creating a valuable concepts to make current processes more effective and sustainable. How did I become me? Having a heat engineering and management educational background, I've started my career in projects of decentralized power supply and energy audit as an engineer and project manager. Curiously I was 'absorbing' an existing technological and practical solutions worldwide, while establishing an objective international relationships during the ongoing projects. Later I have worked for an affiliate of a German international consulting and engineering company, being responsible for development strategy on the Russian territory. Nowadays I'm creating my own international practice with a strong focus on science-based engineering innovations aiming to participate in their's early growth till the further international business development and project implementations. We are building up our exprtise mainly in cleantech and digital industry. The problems I solve My core aim is to provide the relevant solutions for a plenty of particular markets. We are recruiting an early-stage innovations worldwide for them to provide an intelligent business development. In the meantime we do a professional engineering scope of services for a power sector, industry, building and living environments, agriculture and wherever a qualified engineers and sustainable technologies come into play.