Ari Niemelä
CEO / Entrepreneur
at AHN Consulting

AHN Consulting
Private company


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Environment Processes Construction

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Passion I have over 25 years diversified experience in logistics operating environment covering supply chain management, transportation and regional development including real estate perspective How did I become me? Last 5 years I have been an entrepreneur / CEO. The main focus of customer projects has been on logistics and supply chain management development, as well as development of business & logistics areas including real estate development. Before entrepreneurship I worked for more than 5 years as a Managing Director for Public Private Partnership Company Pilot Turku Ltd. Company focused on the development of logistics operating environment on regional level. I also served for 15 years in several senior management positions in the international logistics company TNT. Responsibilities covered Area General Director, Sales and Marketing Director, Project Director and Key Account Manager Tasks. The problems I solve Development of Supply chain management and business & logistics ares by recognizing the future environmental requirements as well new becoming technology and cleantech opportunities, however taking into account the business environment perspective.