Anastasios Vasilopoulos
Thermal Energy Expert / Junior Researcher
at National Tehnical University of Athens (NTUA)

National Tehnical University of Athens (NTUA)


Expert in:

Finance Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes

More about this expert:

I am passionate about recovering thermal energy that escapes unused from industrial processes or complex HVAC networks. Thus I refuse to declare even low temperature thermal losses as of "low interest". Instead I choose to plan solutions designed with careful optimum combinations of: » Industrial heat pumps » High efficiency heat pipe HXs for various mediums (flue gas, drain water, exhaust air) » Thermal Storage PCM technologies » Heat pump dryers » Water cool retrofits for air cooled HXs » Solar Trigeneration systems (PV-T-C) and many more high-end technologies available from my worldwide partners, that allow me to provide for my customers: ✰ optimum efficiency ✰ fast ROI Investments in Energy Saving Technologies, tailor made for your case. This is my favorite challenge: No matter if it is a 5 ✯✯✯✯✯ hotel or a goat-milk-cheese production line, the target is to come up with a list of down to earth proposed investments, that actually produce wealth for you. You could just: ☀ Choose your maximum investment and ROI time ☀ Follow our directions for energy data mining & sharing before the preliminary audit ☀ Meet with us for a brainstorming / enlightening session ☀ Receive a list of investments - tailor made for your business ☀ Purchase our preliminary Combined Technical Plan - Sized Solution ☀ or Order a thorough financially & technically analyzed solution, ready for implementation In a sentence: I am determined to safely guide facilities who dislike their energy bills, to a new HOLISTIC Energy Management Concept.