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I am PhD and a former MEP (1999-1014), working with climate, energy and internal market legislation in the biggest political group EPP of the European Parliament. Currently I work with communication and consultancy in EU-affairs. I am an advisor and board professional for companies concentrating on clean tech and energy. I am a delegate of the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change at European Economic and Social Committee (2016-2021). I am also a member of the steering committee of ICEF, Innovation for Cool Earth Forum. As for my education, I am a Doctor of environmental politics, having written my thesis on Kyoto Protocol and climate strategies. It is a joint thesis written for two faculties and departments, environmental politics and theoretical philosophy. I tried to draw an over-all picture of climate change, and by doing that seek to explain why so little has been gained in international climate politics during the last decades. In addition to the absolute increase in emissions, a relative failure during the Kyoto period can also be observed. The EU hasn’t been successful either. Although it has been able to cut emissions according to its own targets, the increased import outside the EU outweigh the achievements in domestic reductions. Hence, if the consumption is taken into account, the EU has increased, not decreased its emissions. One basic mistake of our climate strategy is that it does not pay attention to consumption, just production. Therefore, we have outsourced our emissions but unfortunately our jobs, too. From the environmental viewpoint this can be considered as damage. I also ponder the relationship between science and the political decision-making process since I have benefited myself from the opportunity of crossing the frontiers between research and political decision-making. The official opponent (examiner) of my thesis was Professor Ye Qi from Tsinghua University, Beijing. He invited me to join the world biggest think-tank, the Brookings Tsinghua Center for Public Policy at Tsinghua University as a Visiting Senior Fellow. I did my Master of Arts and my licentiate thesis – a semi-PhD – in the field of theoretical philosophy, and was a student of Ilkka Niiniluoto and Esa Saarinen. My post graduate thesis dealt with development of technology; questions like why did the technological and industrial revolution take place in 1760-1840. What was changed in the thinking of the western society to enable it? Before becoming an MEP, I have worked as a reporter, a columnist, in communication and in consulting. My main interest in politics are human rights, energy and environment. In the area of climate legislation and emissions trading especially I was one of the leading figures in the European Parliament.