Jouni Perttilä
Principal engineer
at Perttilä Engineering

Perttilä Engineering
Private company


Expert in:

Law Technology Design Environment Energy Air Processes Construction

More about this expert:

I have more than 20 years’ experience of process technology in waste management. Most of projects were dealing with flue gas cleaning. Waste treatment is strictly controlled and requirements comes from legal regulation. Demands comes also from company governance and these have to be fulfilled every time. Only persistent approach to every job can guarantee bright conclusion in hardest developing projects. Scientific approach is feature in my thinking. Nature laws are valid always and everywhere. Flue gas cleaning rebuild for hazardous waste incineration line 1 was my first big project and it succeeded well in time schedule, budget and technical matters in consideration. After that several total new and renewal processes was given to my control. I’ve been responsible for many investment projects at waste treatment facilities of Ekokem. Project budgets were between a few hundreds thousands to 15 M€. High technical and environmental level is essential requirement for all of these 25 projects in which I have been worked. I have also done smaller assessments and studies in tight time schedule. Versatility in area of process technology unites my tasks performed. Now I continue work as entrepreneur with the similar tasks.