Niina Vieno
Owner, Managing director
at Envieno

Private company


Expert in:

Policy Law Technology Environment Water

More about this expert:

Passion Improving waste water treatment of industry and municipalities. Cutting down environmental burden caused by hazardous substances. Informing and educating people how to reduce their chemical foot print. How did I become me? I have worked within the water sector for more than 15 years, mostly related to water treatment, hazardous substances and research. Before I founded Envieno I worked on improving drinking water quality and finished my doctoral thesis on environmental aspects of pharmaceutical consumption. I have working experience also in the Netherlands. At present, I am the owner of Envieno and a partner in a company Law and Water. In my free time, I practice research by writing review articles and by participating research projects as an adviser. The problems I solve At Envieno I work on environmental risk assessment and management issues related to hazardous substances. We find cost-effective solutions for industry and municipalities to improve their waste water treatment. At Law and Water we work on legal issues in the water technology sector.