Tuuli Mäkelä
Senior Adviser
at Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
Nongovernmental organization


Expert in:

Policy Law Environment Air Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Business advocacy professional with a passion in influencing political decision-making and mobilizing companies to generate growth in the Finnish cleantech sector How did I become me? Works as Senior Adviser at the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK covering cleantech and sustainability. Holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Regulation from London School of Economics. Has previously worked at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs on EU climate policy. The problems I solve Wide-ranging knowledge and expertise on: - the impact of climate, energy and environmental policies on the business operating environment - policy instruments related to climate, energy and the environment in Finland, the EU and internationally - innovation environment and export services for Finnish companies in high growth sectors, particularly cleantech - Finnish cleantech companies across different sectors and the business ecosystem overall in Finland - Sustainability and corporate responsibility strategies of Finnish companies across different industries - global market opportunities and trends in clean technologies and solutions - models for cooperation between corporations and growth companies to support business renewal and new market opportunities