Julia Bertret
at Shake it Up - the innovative agency (www.shakeitup.fr)

Shake it Up - the innovative agency (www.shakeitup.fr)
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Society Environment Energy Water Mobility

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I am an innovation consultant and entrepreneur, who have build several sucessful companies in the fiels of collaborative economy, energy and water. Working in Strategy and Innovation, I've been in charge of developing the open innovation programm of Veolia. - a program to detect and deploy clean technologies through partnerships with the most innovative startups in the cleantech sector. Veolia is a french environmental company of 300 000 employees, which operates in the cleantech field (water, waste and energy management). Previously I've worked as a consultant in environmental strategy. I designed sustainable strategies for clients from the environmental impact analysis to the design of new business models and financial forecasts. I am interesting in projects that brings out-of-the-box solutions to environmental problems in cities or emerging countries. Projetcs with a social impact are also of interest for me.