Asko Ojaniemi
Managing director
at Benet

Private company


Expert in:

Policy Technology Design Environment Energy Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Environmetally, economically and technically sustainable energy solutions. How did I become me? I have worked with local energy solution for my all career. Local solutions, often biomass based district heating and/or CHP are familiar. I have worked in sales, engineering and consulting covering the valuechain from fuel supply to heating plant/CHP plant and heat distribution. It has been rewarding to follow sevral projects from first preliminary evaluations up to heat delivery to customers. (My work in home area is almost completed, there is biomass based district heating in every town centre!) I have worked very much in European projects tranferring the experience to different parts of Europe as well as having projects outside Europe as well. The problems I solve I want to use the long experience in starting up new, succesful district heating and CHP schemes to support businesses and municipalities to find economical and sustainable local energy solutions.