Åsa Hedman
at Sustecon Ltd

Sustecon Ltd
Private company

Helsinki region

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Policy Society Technology Energy

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I have a passion in developing our society towards a more sustainable one. My focus is in renewable energy systems. Analyzing energy systems and assessing which are most suitable for specific location and needs is one of the things I do. I have a PhD in energy Technology from Aalto University, school of Engineering. My doctoral dissertation on Energy efficient city planning can be found here: http://www.vtt.fi/inf/pdf/science/2016/S123.pdf My background is mainly in research and consultation regarding energy solutions in the built environment. My professional track record before starting my consulting company Sustecon Ltd, spans VTT Technical Research Centre (> 10 years), Posintra Oy and Motiva Oy. My international expertise covers leading international projects in Europe, Russia and Northern Africa. My most recent work have been in analyzing solar energy concepts, powert-to-gas concepts and off-grid concepts both from technical as well as business points of view. I love to work in a cross-cultural environment and find it fascinating to learn how to work with people from different cultures. Cross-cultural working environments represent a never ending learning experience. Many great solutions can be found by learning how things are done in other cultural environment. I am a strong believer of stakeholder involvement in any development work. Including a wide range of stakeholders at the early phase of development brings numerous benefits both in terms of the end result and especially in how the stakeholders embrace the new developed solutions.