Jaanus Aun
Member of the Board
at Private Forest Centre

Private Forest Centre
Governmental organization


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Society Environment Energy Processes

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Passion Promoting sustainable forest management and use of woodenergy. That is the way we maintain our good living environment, but also promote life in rural areas – the money paid for energy bills supports the life in local communities. Using local wood you help local people! The vast energy reserves are hidden to the Europe's forests belonging to the thousands of small-scale owners. It is a challenge to manage sustainably these fragmented woodlands owing to which the smooth co-operation of woodland owners is inevitable. How to make people acting together is the million dollar question! How did I become me? I am a lawyer graduated from Tartu University, but have worked in the forestry sector since 1998 - started with advising of small-scale forest owners on legal issues. Later representing the interests of forest owners on policy level, but being for some time also responsible for wood procurement activities. Last seven years I have been in charge of Private Forest Centre, a state owned foundation meant for developing Estonian private forestry sector. My main focus has been on developing a system of forest owner's associations, which basis on the own initiative of forest owners and provides assistance to all forest owners in any forest management issue. Promoting woodenergy among public and private sector has also been one of main tasks of our organisation. The problems I solve Let's get people work together – so the problems will be automatically solved in a fragmented private forestry sector. Private landowners are not the problem, but part of the solution! It applies also for challenges in wood energy sector.