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Independent expert, analyst of the Slovak Automotive Institute (just being legally registered as a think-tank). Passion Automotive industry - would be easy to understand, if cars were the first. But, omitting the boyhood´s fascination, I found the industrial company being the most interesting object of my curiosity. Finding stories in figures from the statements is a great way to get proper information for good working decisions in any industry. Combined with such a technically, economically, legally and emotionally complicated product as a modern car makes it critically interesting for me. So, a petrol head working as an automotive industry analyst. How did I become me? I worked as a business journalist for 13 years, with less than a year break in consultancy. Spending most of my work history at the respected business magazine Trend gave me opportunity to become an analyst of its intelligence unit. Interested in the business environment, management methods and industry with the growing focus on automotive formed my expertise. Meeting the executives, designers, engineers, production and finance people from car companies in Europe, America and South Korea was just as educating as interesting. Changing my life to an independent industrial analyst enriched me with other way of cooperation with the automotive. The way of utilizing my business education with strong emphasis on accounting and corporate finance is the same, the outputs are far more focused. The problems I solve Working with the automotive sector in Slovakia goes above the touch of the forming force of the economy and innovations. Numerous business decisions taken in the entire length of the supply chain, from OEMS to highest Tier numbers, require precisely structured information sets on the Slovak automotive in the international or, better said, global context. Working in the outside touch with the key and minor sector players, associations, governmental and public bodies, education system and science gives room to answer many questions on the way to the working decisions.