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Passion My passion is to help clients towards integrated renewable energy systems, in which district heating and CHP offer essential benefits. How did I become me? Since year 1978 after having been graduated as Master of Science, I have been constantly developing my skills and capacity in district heating, energy efficiency and CHP in terms of technology, economy, environment and institutional capacity. In year 1987 I graduated as Licentiate of Science in industrial economy, district heating and CHP and further on, in year 2005 as Doctor of Science. The title of the doctoral thesis was "To rehabilitation strategy of district heating systems in transition economies", which analyzed the lessons learned from the World Bank and EBRD financed district heating rehabilitation projects in Poland, the Baltic Countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria and developed a computerized tool with GAMS for the investors. I have been working abroad for 23 years in more than 30 countries and 100 cities in Europe and Asia to develop competitive and sustainable energy systems that provide reliable, cost effective and environmentally sound energy services to the clients. The assignments have comprised both rehabilitation and extension of existing district heating and CHP systems as well as establishing new systems. Most assignments have been financed by the international financing institutions such as the EBRD, KfW, IFC, NEFCO and the World Bank. I have been constantly working as the World Bank expert since year 1998, first based in Washington, DC, for three years and thereafter in Helsinki, Finland. The problems I solve I provide solutions to institutional, technical, economical and environmental problems of district heating and CHP systems.