Apekshya Dhungel
Lead Architect
at Astream Ideas

Astream Ideas
Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Materials Processes Construction

More about this expert:

I am interested in providing spaces for people. I want to be an architect not only for the rich but also for the poor. To serve the underprivileged and to be able to give them equal rights in the society is my aim. After working in the field of architecture for 3 and a half years after my bachelors degree in architecture full scholarship in the best university of Nepal, I could see my interest in serving the people grow. I was mainly involved in private buildings, hotels and restaurants at first, then I slowly started to see my interest towards public buildings and spaces. So I decided to pursue my higher education in broader field. I applied for a masters course International Masters of Landscape Architecture in Germany from 2013. This course gave me an idea of the overall planning and design for the society as a whole. It taught me to involve the ideas of the people in the design and come up with architectural translation of these ideas so the spaces can be used by them in their own way. I like to do a lot of research before I design. This is my strength but sometimes to be able to come up with good solutions we need investments. I hope people will invest more to build societies than to build their own home. My quest will always be to make them understand this issue. People, technology and local materials are the biggest resources we have, we must learn to utilize them in the most efficient way.