Sriram Kuchimanchi
at Smarter Dharma

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Society Technology Environment Construction ICT

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I have been in the Sustainability space for about 8yrs ranging from social sustainability issues to founding companies in the space of social as well as environmental sustainability. Currently, I am the Founder and CEO of Smarter Dharma, based out of Bangalore, India and San Jose, CA, USA. My passion? To induce behaviour change. Over the years in sustainability, I have realised the biggest challenge we face with respect to climate change is communication and engaging citizens / organisations / communities towards making changes in the way they live. I believe it has to be a combination of effective communication (through engaging decision makers in organisations), education and show-by-example (implementations). This has to be backed by out-of-the-box thinking as well as sensible adoption of technology. I have had the opportunity to address this through a couple of technology startups ( & as well as Smarter Dharma ( over the past 5yrs. Hospitality industry as well as construction are my areas of interest and I believe I can provide my expertise in design, process & resource efficiency thinking as well as employee engagement activities. With about 13yrs of technology background, I have always believed disruptive and easily-adoptable technology innovation is the need of the hour here. And I would be very happy to play a consultant's role in building / enabling such a transformation.