Katri Päivärinta
Managing Director
at Liminka Waterworks Ltd

Liminka Waterworks Ltd
Private company


Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Materials Processes

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Passion My desire is to work for better, greener and more sustainable future. We need co-operation, networking, innovation and courage to do new things in a way that enhances more sustainable world. It requires a lot but it can also open unforeseeable possibilities. At the moment my biggest goal professionally is to contribute to transforming to circular economy. How did I become me? Settling to the way things are has never been an option for me. I have questioned, challenged, innovated and developed both in my professional and civil life. I’ve been interested in environmental issues since I was a child and this interest led me to study environmental engineering. I hold a M.Sc. from the University of Oulu and I have been working in environmental sector for over ten years. Currently I work as a managing Director in Liminka Waterworks Ltd. Before water management sector I worked in Oulu Waste Management Ltd as an environmental manager and deputy managing director. I’m easily excitable in new ideas and ready to work hard to reach the goal. Problems I solve My expertise covers most of all water mangement, municipal solid waste management, national and EU-level waste legislation, environmental, quality and occupational health and safety management systems, environmental permits, reporting and authority co-operation.