Pirita Mikkanen
Independent Expert
at TM System Finland Oy

TM System Finland Oy
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Technology Environment Energy Air Materials Processes Mobility

More about this expert:

Passion I believe that sustainable working ethics and methods lead to great achievements. I hope my passion of better clean technologies created in Finland can contribute to assuring livable planet to generations to come. How did I become me? I have worked with cleantech related subjects for almost 20 years. The thorough background I gained as a research scientist in a truly international and pioneering research group, where I also finalized my PhD. Working in growth companies and company establishment tasks has given me insights of analyzing, creating and implementing successful business. I have also spent a large portion of my career with international customers, lately mainly in China. Wide competence through different positions. Strong strategic views and capability to implement strategy into actions. Experience working both on supplier’s and customer’s side gives perspective of the complete business. Various types of positions has given thorough understanding of the big picture and drivers for continuous change in markets. Passion for building functioning organizations and developing business. The problems I solve Climate and energy efficiency related technologies, financing, policy and market.