Simon Bushell
at Sympower

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Policy Technology Environment Energy ICT

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I’m an entrepreneur, passionate about finding innovative solutions to climate change. Currently, I’m the CEO and one of two co-founders of Sympower, a platform that brings together household appliances into a virtual power plant, allowing them to provide demand response services to the electricity system. This saves our users and the electricity system money, reduces CO2 emissions now and is essential if we are to increase the amount of energy we generate from renewables. I strongly believe that time is running out to mitigate climate change, the biggest problem the world has ever faced, that it is innovative business models that will solve the problem, and that at the centre of it all are people, aspiring to live more prosperous and sustainable lives. Last year I studied for a master’s in Sustainable Energy at Imperial College London. While the course was very technical, I was very interested in the interaction between technology and politics and economics. I came top of the year (45 students) on the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College, and before that graduated from Cambridge with a First Class MSci & BA in Natural Sciences. My thesis, which made up half of the year, looked at climate change communication and climate change strategy. I analysed why there is still an “action gap” between what scientists argue is necessary to prevent potentially dangerous climate change and what the government and public are doing. I then analysed current climate change strategy and communication and proposed various ways in which it could be improved – most importantly by the creation of a “strategic narrative”, a dynamic and persuasive system of stories, organically generated and encouraged between government, business and civil society. An article based on my thesis will be published in November 2015 in Nature Climate Change. Before Sympower, the startup I am currently working on, recently I worked at an Energy Services Company. Previously I have experience in sales, consultancy and HR & Payroll, and during my undergraduate I ran the world’s largest student ski trip, taking 2800 students and managing a budget of £1.5 million and a committee of ten. I also worked on a start-up, Electrify, during my MSc at Imperial College London. Working with interesting and exciting people on challenging problems drives me, as does a desire to improve people’s lives, both now and in the future.