Patrick Eriksson
CEO, M.Sc (Architect) ARK/AA 1343, YKS 420
at Tengbom Eriksson Architects Ltd

Tengbom Eriksson Architects Ltd
Private company


Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Construction

More about this expert:

Patrick Eriksson is the founder, part owner and CEO of Tengbom Eriksson Architects Ltd, with its head office in Helsinki, Finland. Eriksson started his own architectural practice in 1979 and has been leading his own practice for more than 36 years. He has worked as the head planner of numerous remarkable buildings and reconstruction projects as well as large land use and urban design projects. As a distinguished expert in zoning and larger urban design projects, Eriksson has designed urban design projects all over Finland and furthermore in the Baltic countries and China. Tengbom Eriksson Architects Ltd is internationally highly recognized with urban design projects not only in Finland but also in many other corners of the world. Eriksson's work for a sustainable environment granted him the Finnish Award for Sustainable Stone Houses 2004. His office has developed its own environmental program and during the last four years he has been leading the design groups for several recognized Eco City projects in China. Eriksson stands in the front line of Finnish architects working with projects for China and he has been invited as a lecturer in Chinese academies as well as participated in official Ministry Delegation visits in China. Eriksson's team has won several prizes in architectural competitions in Finland, Latvia, Estonia and China. The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) granted Patrick Eriksson the SAFA Honorary Award 2004. For a long time Eriksson has been a forerunner for ecological urban design. The office has developed its own tools (ERKKO) for measuring the ecology of an urban area and is taking part in several national and international research and development projects, aiming towards better carbon balance in urban and building design. In April 2013 Eriksson sold the majority of shares for Eriksson Architects Ltd to the Swedish Tengbom Group. The company has now the name Tengbom Eriksson Architects Ltd and Eriksson continues in the company as CEO. The office is rapidly growing nationally and internationally, developing further in all fields of Architecture and Design.