Clean cooking stove production in Nepal

The Government of Nepal announced a project to make smokeless kitchens by 2017. The project is on going. The Finnish invented Clean Cooking Stove “Turbo Stove” was taken in clean stoves marketplace feasibility in Nepal in 2013 and it got excellent feedback in terms of its efficiency and agile technology. The Turbo Stove has also been tested in various parts of Nepal for its efficiency and vulnerability. The Turbo Stove is extremely strong and simple, and can withstand all kinds of impact, including fire and corrosion for many years. The stove is made from heat and acid-resistant stainless steel or strong cold-rolled steel. The stove is 31 cm in height and 27 cm in width and has a base of 30 cm. The stove weighs 3 kg and uses wood, biomass and charcoal for fuel. The government of Nepal is interested to promote the product to low income generating families by providing subsidy provided the stoves are manufactured in Nepal. The project is seeking for investors who would be interested in setting up manufacturing of Clean Cooking Turbo Stoves in Nepal. Solved offered a unique and diverse marketing channel.