District heating in Slovakia

Slovakia faces complex challenges in the field of energy production and district heating. Solved experts have profound experience and knowledge of the district heating (DH) and co-generation of heat power (CHP). “Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic is the sole body responsible for the transposition of the EU Directive on industrial emissions, while the directive imposes several changes, including changes in technologies”, described Katarina Jankovicova, the Head of the Department for Air Protection. The project team included world-class experts, such as Dr. Arto Nuorkivi, Gaia’s CEO Juha Vanhanen and Principal Scientist Kari Sipilä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project team mapped how to invest smartly EUR 900 million when considering the new emission limits imposed by the EU industrial emissions directive. The project helped a district heating company to avoid bad investment and saved approximately EUR 1 million. The cooperation between the experts continue in the area of district heating.