Allas – Helsinki sea pool complex

The harbor area of the Helsinki city center will get a facelift. The Allas – Helsinki Pool will be an urban culture venue for the citizens in Spring 2016. Allas will be situated near the market square and next to Helsinki Skywheel, and it will also be a national cleantech showroom. “The aim is to make this a cleantech and sea pool bathing complex showcase that can be established also in other Baltic Sea locations. This is a great challenge but an even greater possibility in the number one property in Finland”, says Raoul Grünstein, Executive Director, Korjaamo Group. Solved experts and Korjaamo Group deliver hands-on advisory for holistic solutions. The 7000-8000 m2 sea pool bathing complex will be built from sustainable wood, steel and concrete materials. Proposed solutions include, for example, solar collectors for heating the pools, indoor compost facility for organic waste, and smart lighting. Solved will ensure the optimal cleantech solutions. “Very quickly our team of top cleantech experts are able to find the right solutions to the specific, complex challenges in the Allas – Helsinki Pool project”, says Santtu Hulkkonen, EVP, Solved. The building includes a cafeteria, restaurant, Baltic Center and saunas. Leisure and cultural activities for the pool area are developed together with local citizens. The project connects best cleantech companies and solutions, and encourages sustainable development and preserving the Baltic Sea.