Energy efficiency project leads in Chinese paper industry

GreenStream, in collaboration with Motiva, has identified potential energy efficiency project leads in Chinese paper industry. GreenStream coordinates a Tekes sponsored program “Development of Energy Efficiency Solution Business Concept for the Chinese Industrial Market (EFFI)”. Within the program several trips have been done to Chinese energy intensive industries and from these trips GreenStream is continuously generating new leads to the companies that are involved in the program. We would now like to challenge the Solved-community to find the very best solutions for two project leads: one paper machine and one board machine. The process areas in the paper machine are approach flow system, hood ventilation, heat recovery and steam and condensate system. The process areas in the board machine are hood ventilation and heat recovery, stock preparation, forming section and drying section. More detailed descriptions of the projects can be found on platform. Please indicate your interest by contacting Janne Hietaniemi at Solved (through Solved chat or [email protected]) and we will give you access to project in order to start the dialogue and co-creation of the solutions with the project parties. We wish that these project leads would be of interest to Solved experts and other Cleantech companies. We aim to open and innovative discussions between experts resulting with new energy saving projects and partners. GreenStream is interested to implement these projects with EMC model (similar to ESCO model in Europe) if robust enough technology solutions and cooperation models between the parties will be found.