Increasing wood biomass supply for bioenergy and wooden products

Serbian forests are recognized as significant source of woody biomass. However, the annual harvest in Serbia represents less than 70% of calculated harvests and much of woody biomass from forests remains unused. The share of forest area in Serbia is close to 50 % owned by private persons, and the rest is state owned or owned by parishes. Traditionally, the state forests have organized and centralized forest management, but regarding management of private forests there are very few local organizations and human resources responsible for implementation of forest policy measures and promotion of sustainable management. Furthermore, especially private forest owners have lack of knowledge and capacities for forest management, wood work organization, and wood sale. In addition, private forest owners have a lack of extension services providers, which will provide them with needed services related to their forest holdings. All of those lead to a consequence of not realizing the full potentials of private forests in terms of yield, and reducing the amount of wood products and wood biomass which can potentially be supplied. Project objectives are briefly: - to increase the role of private forest owners in sustainable management, reforestation and wood biomass harvesting from forests - to strengthen private forest owners knowledge and capacities for forest work, wood production and safety measures in forestry - to promote establishment of energy wood plantations on private forests and low quality agricultural land - to improve forest owners awareness of wood biomass products, sale and market - to support capacities of forest owners for business startups in wood biomass production and processing In concordance with project objectives following activities can be proposed: - Organization of trainings for private forest owners on private forest owners’ organizations and forest management and management planning - Promotion of forestation and establishment of energy wood plantations - Provision of training on wood biomass products, sale and market - Provision of training for business planning and startup development in woody biomass - Provision of best practice examples of private forest owners’ organizations, energy wood plantations, and woody biomass processing and products and woody biomass related business organization in various regions and neighboring countries

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    National Biomass Association SERBIO

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    Belgrade, Serbia