Product tracking in the context of Circular Economy and Internet of Things

We aim to start a project to find out possible ways to track and measure products throughout the supply chain. How can we utilize IoT in supply chain management starting from the primary producer to the end user? What different technologies can be used to track, measure or locate goods and products during their life cycle? What new technologies are emerging? How would you utilize these technologies? Give some practical examples Who are the main stakeholders involved? Which stakeholders hold the most interest and can create joint adventures for developing new logistics infrastructures? Which socio-economical, political and legal factors are involved? What environmental benefits can we find by utilizing new, more advanced product tracking? Which industries would benefit the most? How can we attain value throughout the supply chain? Think about value propositions, economies of scale, and network effects. The desired outcome of this Solved project is to create a development project application or similar and start developing a possible solution. The timeline of this project is to finish it as soon as possible. TEKES Team Finland Challenge deadline is 29.3. Other possibilities include FISS-EAKR.

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  • Client:

    Oulu Circular Economy Community represented by Xheads

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    Oulu, Finland