New Mobility Agenda for Moldova

Advancing the sustainable transport agenda in the poorest country in Europe. A high profile New Mobility Agenda pilot project for the fast-congesting city of Chisinau. Plan is to make a wonderful, timely and low cost contribution that would not only be a life enhancer for Moldavia's capital city-- applying all the lessons so painfully learned in the "West" in the last half century -- and in the process show the way for other cities in Eastern Europe and indeed elsewhere in the world who are in need of a new model. Once the road map is in shape and Chisinau get supported, the unique learning and best practices could be further utilised in many other cities with serious mobility challenges. Bilateral aid programs and various bits of the EU and UN family to be considered in the next steps.

  • Phase:


  • Client:

    REC - Regional Environmental Center for Central & Eastern Europe

  • Place:

    Chisinau, Moldova