Market expansion for eFlexFuel ethanol conversion kits

StepOne Tech Ltd´s eFlexFuel ethanol conversion kit turns gasoline powered vehicle into bio-ethanol cars. For example, a regular Ford Focus can therefore run with renewables with affordable few hundred euros investment. Company has reached market penetration in Finland and is now aiming to build distribution channels in several countries. Goal is to systematically approach international markets that have a huge potential in renewables and in bioethanol related applications. The product is simple the best in the world and is the only one that has been emission tested and has a mobile interface. Main challenge right now is to find the right actors or consortium members from potential market areas that already have bioethanol available or will soon have. We aim to carry out a growth leap in international markets during year 2017. We are looking for people familiar doing international business in this field of biofuels, renewables, automotive industries and applications related to these branches. Knowledge regarding the most potential biofuel transition areas is a key factor for us in the beginning. Furthermore forming relations and opening connections to biofuel manufacturers and distributors and other actors in automotive services that have nationwide distribution networks is crucial in order to get a foothold on a new market. Contact: Tuomo Isokivijärvi StepOne Tech Ltd. [email protected] +358447861266