Smart & Clean Hub, Helsinki

Background: Helsinki Metropolitan is the best test bed in the world for smart & clean solutions Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation is looking to develop a concept for a synergistic ecosystem/hub that connects the cleantech and smart city companies with public players and international clients and investors to create sustainable growth. Objectives: 1. SMART&CLEAN PHYSICAL COMMUNNITY CENTER: Finnish Smart & Clean enterprise community consists of hundreds of companies. The hub is the physical center for the community and the platform for the small and big players to get together. 2. Center supports co-creation for innovation and disruption. It offers fixed and “flex desk” working space for the community and a process that gets together start-ups, cities and other public players, big companies, S&C visitors and enthusiasts in Helsinki. Form of operations are 1) shared co-working space 2) community collaboration and co-creation and possibly 3) programs and 4) events and 5) hosting of delegations. 3. PEER SUPPORT: Hub offers shared space for like-minded people who face the same challenges and opportunities or even target markets (e.g. USA) 4. BUSINESS NETWORKS AND ACCESS TO GROWTH COMPANY SERVICES: Smart & Clean Hub operates a process where business people visiting Helsinki Metropolitan region meet the entrepreneurs and offer them a platform to make deals and form partnerships. It is also a focal point for services needed for growth, piloting and commercialization