S&C Partner Network

Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation is a step change project to drive the change towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. The change is made in cities, which are platforms for new solutions. New technologies and services are tested in different areas and across the region. The best ones will be exported and will create thriving businesses. By 2021, the Helsinki region and Lahti will be the best test bed in the world and a showcase for the best solutions and services of Finnish and international companies. These show how smart solutions, digitalization and circular economy create opportunities to reduce emissions, make everyday living easier and create a thriving living environment in the city covering energy, mobility, built environment and water and waste sectors. The S&C Partner Network supports the Smart & Clean community’s communications and makes the Helsinki region attractive to investors and experts from all around the world. It also guides and supports individual project dialogues and disseminates information about the ongoing or achieved changes locally, nationwide and around the globe. Smart & Clean facilitates co-creation and activates the entire S&C community. Companies, cities, research organisations and the state are cooperating closely to make the Helsinki Metropolitan Area the best test bed in the world for smart and clean solutions. The cities are committed to boosting Smart & Clean by offering businesses a test bed, on which companies can test and design new solutions, concepts and services. Smart & Clean has set criteria to steer its work. Smart & Clean changes must improve the quality of life of citizens, reduce emissions and waste and/or improve resource efficiency. Several parties have to work on the projects across city and sector boundaries covering both private and public sectors. The changes will have to create new business and references for companies. This means they have to be internationally interesting. S&C does not manage small projects or individual pilots and does not directly support individual company. Neither do we act as project managers, but the project lead will remain with one partner, such as a city or company. In general, S&C is also not a project funding organization, but rather an accelerator. S&C enhances brand management through references, but does not function as traditional trade promotion organisation. The Helsinki Metropolitan is the best test bed in the world for smart and clean solutions www.smartclean.fi, @SmartClean_Fi #smartclean, Smart & Clean Community: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12034055