Smart Mobility and Smart Buildings Collaboration with Cities, North America

Identification of pilot opportunities to connect Finnish smart mobility and smart buildings solutions to early stage project opportunities, for example up-coming procurement or other investment project, in selected North American cities. Solved in collaboration with Helsinki Business Hub is calling out cities, companies and experts who would be interested in working together. 1) Identify interesting opportunities where Finnish smart mobility and smart building excellence could provide added value to a city, smart city operator or utility. 2) Jointly develop a concept level solution for a selected challenge The activities can be for example: A) Market dialogue for a public procurement: bringing together and facilitating a market dialogue between the client and relevant solution providers. Aim is to develop an innovative procurement concept (see here for Solved references: B) Developing a smart & clean concept for a strategic project in the fields of mobility or construction. Aim can be to define for example a feasible concept for smart energy system, lighting, indoor air etc. or a smart retrofit or roadmap for testing MaaS concept in a new city (see here for Solved references:; Benefits: Case owner (city or other relevant) will have a chance to work with a top multidisciplinary team of experts and selected top Finnish and international companies in fields of smart mobility and smart buildings Selected experts will be contracted and assigned for the project work. Companies will have a unique opportunity for early engagement with city and moreover to contribute in pre-designing the optimal solution for the selected challenge. Please contact for more information: Santtu Hulkkonen [email protected] (North America) Katariina Mäkelä [email protected] (Europe)