Sustainability of Klaus K design hotel

Helsinki, Finland

The first design hotel in Helsinki, Klaus K, wants to expand in a sustainable way. Solved experts propose new feasible means for designed eco-efficiency, such as solar panels. Solved’s multidisciplinary team with Finding Infinity will also develop marketing activities around the sustainability theme.

District heating in Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakia faces complex challenges in the field of energy production and district heating. Solved experts have profound experience and knowledge of the district heating (DH) and co-generation of heat power (CHP). “Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic is the sole body responsible for the transposition of the EU Directive on industrial emissions, while the directive imposes several changes, including changes in technologies”, described Katarina Jankovicova, the Head of the Department for Air Protection. The project team included world-class experts, such as Dr. Arto Nuorkivi, Gaia’s CEO Juha Vanhanen and Principal Scientist Kari Sipilä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project team mapped how to invest smartly EUR 900 million when considering the new emission limits imposed by the EU industrial emissions directive. The project helped a district heating company to avoid bad investment and saved approximately EUR 1 million. The cooperation between the experts continue in the area of district heating.

Ski resort sustainability in Trento

Trento, Italy

The aim of the project was to collect innovative ideas and best practices in terms of alternative mobility and environmental protection in winter sports resorts. The project included alternative mobility with cable car facilities and integration of the cable car into the environment, and alternative energy sources for the operation of the lifts and artificial snow.

Enjoy it Bratislava!

Bratislava, Slovakia

The digital collaboration platform Solved is used in cocreating ideas on how to make the life in Bratislava more sustainable and enjoyable. The experts from Canada, Finland, Germany, Australia and Slovakia joined forces and cocreated a vision for the city in different areas as mobility, urbanization, public spaces and cultural premises. There are more than 50 inspirations from around the world how Bratislava can improve its quality of life and living environment and so become a modern and green blooming city.

Let's invest into the World Ocean

Bratislava, Slovakia

The World Ocean represents one of the most important elements of the Earth, it supports the life, climate and all viable life cycles to the very essential level, and so enables the existence and development of the global civilization. At the same time the Sea is the most threatened global ecosystem of our planet, as not too much attention has been paid to the state in which seas are found nowadays. And the things get faster even worse. We intend to establish a creative discussion on how to avert this negative path and turn it into path more sustainable. Actually the idea beneath is to bring up solutions with positive impact on the seas and marine ecosystems, so we help and further enable them to provide the viable functions through more stability and diversity.

Cleantech efficiency for transport and roads

Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Transport Agency aims to enable functional, efficient and safe travels and transportations on roads, railroads and waterways. The goal in all operations is the sparing use of energy and natural resources, slowing down climate change and the preservation of the diversity of nature. Solved experts help to develop new perspectives and business models for road maintenance via cleantech in terms of design, materials, constructions, acquisitions and operations and their economical impacts and opportunities.

Cleantech investments in Oulu region

Oulu, Finland

The aim of the project is to recognize important and valuable public and private cleantech investments in Oulu region to be implemented in 2015–2025. Oulu has Europe’s largest technology park and Oulu Region is known “living lab” for ICT and cleantech solutions. In per capita R&D spending Oulu ranks first in Finland and fifth in Europe. Oulu region has invested in environmental technologies, such as bioenergy, district heating, energy efficiency and LED lighting. Solved experts help to identify current and potential cleantech investments and opportunities in Oulu region.

Sustainable travel business in Levi

Kittilä, Finland

The project develops sustainable growth strategy and concrete plans for growth for the companies in Levi and Kittilä, Finland. Levi 4 is a development project implemented by Kideve Kittilä Development in 2014–2015. Kideve is a public utility of industry and commerce in the municipality of Kittilä. Levi 4 creates the basis and guidelines for Levi business growth and resort’s operating environment development until year 2025 and beyond. Solved experts help to conduct holistic analysis on “sustainable travel” and draws conclusions what are the crucial success factors for future success of Levi from the point of view of sustainable travel business. The project proposes the measures needed and cocreates the roadmap for sustainable travel business.

Arctic brewery goes cleantech!

Tornio, Finland

Sangen Oy was founded in 2015 as Finland’s first independent spirit laboratory. The company’s operations are based in Oulu. Sangen vision is to be the natural choice of new drinks and taste experiences for people who enjoy the natural taste of life offered by pure Northern ingredients. Sangen is planning to build a brewery in Tornio / Finland and is now seeking cleantech partnerships from Solved networks. Sangen Oy on oululainen yritys, joka on perustettu v. 2015. Sangen Oy valmistaa ja valmistuttaa alkoholipitoisia juomia, pääasiassa suomalaisista puhtaista raaka-aineista. Sangen on solminut aiesopimuksen Tornion panimon rakentamisesta entisen Lapin Kullan tehdaskiinteistöä hallinnoivan Arctic Property Oy:n kanssa. Sopimus sisältää tilavaraukset panimotuotannolle tehtaasta sekä mahdollistaa noin 1 500 000 litran tuotantokapasiteetin. Panimon on määrä valmistua v. 2016 loppuun mennessä. Tarkoituksena on luoda Tornion Panimosta Suomalaisen Cleantech-teknologian näyteikkuna. Cleantech-ratkaisuihin ja -palveluihin laaditaan erillinen Tornion panimon Cleantech-ratkaisusta kertova esite, jossa kerrotaan hankkeen cleantech-ratkaisuista ja suunnataan katseet panimon tulevaisuuteen. Ratkaisuista tehdään erillinen esite ja sitä hyödynnetään aktiivisesti panimokierroksilla ja esitteissä. Sangen Oy:n hallituksen puheenjohtaja ja Solved-verkoston biotalousasiantuntija Mikko Ahokkaan terveiset Solvedin Cleantech-verkostolle Yhteistä pitkäaikaista näkyvyyttä Haluamme kiittää ja tarjota hankkeeseen osallistuneille sekä siitä kiinnostuneille tahoille mahdollisuuden lähteä mukaan investointiin ja markkinoimaan osaamistaan yhteisessä esitteessämme. Osallistumalla hankkeeseen pääsette markkinoimaan palveluitanne ja tuotteitanne juuri oikeassa yhteydessä. Hanke on herättänyt suurta mielenkiintoa ja on jo nyt saanut laajaa näkyvyyttä eri medioissa. Projekti kohdennetaan kaikille panimohankkeesta kiinnostuneille cleantech yrityksille ja heidän yhteistyökumppaneille. Yhteistyökumppanit saavat erinomaisen mahdollisuuden ja näkyvyyden heidän tuotteille ja palveluille. Toteutus Yhteistyökumppanimme Solved kutsuu teidät alustalle, jotta voitte keskustella esitteestä ja miettiä miten ratkaisunne tai palvelunne voisi toimia parhaiten. Haemme yhteistyökumppaneita seuraavilta alueilta: - veden käsittely (puhdas vesi ja jätevesi) - mäskin jalostus - pesuvesien kierrätys ja puhdistus - hiilidioksidin hyödyntäminen - energiaratkaisut - automaatio - mittalaitteet Toivomme teidän innostuvan yhteistyö ja markkinointiajatuksestamme! Yhteistyöterveisin, Mikko Ahokas Hallituksen puheenjohtaja Sangen Oy

5GFWD – Oulu 5G Innovation Challenge

Oulu, Finland

How to make cities more enjoyable and businesses more sustainable with 5G mobile technologies. 5GFWD challenges your grey cells to produce their best in creating an absolutely amazing new world with the fastest mobile network ever: 5G. 5GFWD is probably only the most important 5G innovation competition of the year. It is free for all, anyone can join, and the prizes are simply great. And the glory for the winners – it is something money cannot buy. But most of all: 5GFWD is about great new and disruptive ideas – no detailed tech specs are needed. It is easy to participate in the competition: it proceeds mainly on-line, and the Finalists’ Gala will take place in Oulu, Finland – where the 5G magic happens. 5GFWD is a three-track competition – just choose the one that is closest to your interests. Or join all three. The tracks of the competition challenge participants to seek solutions for more flexible hospital visits, develop a digital shopping centre, and generate ideas for a visit or a working day in the digital city of the future. The prizes are something else: the Track Winners’ prizes are 4,000 euros each. From among the track winners the Jury will reward the Grand Prix winner, the best of the best, with a prize of 10,000 euros. Prizes worth 40 000 euros!

Dream team: Support services for Paris UN climate conference

Helsinki, Finland

Solved was asked to participate in tender to assist the Ministry of Environment in preparation for the The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 in Paris in 2015. Public tender is out and deadline is 2.4.2015. More information about tender and requirements: If you are interested please get in touch immediately: santtu.hulkkonen @ or call +358 50 373 2895

Environmentally positive residential area

Helsinki, Finland

Environmentally positive residential area maximizes environmentally positive impacts and creates well-being. The starting point for the concept was the notion of "plus energy", i.e. when the area generates more energy than it consumes. The model goes further, however, and takes into consideration not only energy but also other aspects, such as quality of life, convenience in everyday life, water consumption and waste management. The experts were found through the Solved expert pool and the work was carried out using the digital collaboration platform "We examined the ecosystem of the entire residential area. The results included many interesting ideas regarding, for instance, new sharing economy applications", says Santtu Hulkkonen, EVP, Solved. The concept of an environmentally positive residential area is not a collection of definitions but an approach. It is not science fiction. "The initial idea was that an environmentally positive residential area could be achieved with current technology", says Juha Kostiainen, Senior Vice President, Urban Development, YIT.

Sustainable ski resort vision in Lech and Zürs

Lech, Austria

Solved is up to set a new vision for Austrian top ski resort not only to become low carbon or carbon neutral, but rather contributing to the nature by right combination of ecological solutions and means to inspire sustainable lifestyle of inhabitants and tourists at the resort. Solved experts help to develop joint strategy with Lech to create more competitive edge from cleantech and sustainability to the region. The concept goes beyond typical “sustainable tourism” by crystallizing competitive advantages and unique sustainable lifestyle experiences. Lech was selected as the most beautiful village in Europe in 2014. Lech is on its way to energy autonomy and it aims to be the first ever environmentally net positive ski resort. Solved, in collaboration with the Lech and Zürs team, develops an integrated concept for sustainability by taken into account all relevant implications: existing infra, practices, marketing, events, design, technical and environmental issues. “Sustainability is already in embedded in everything what we do at Lech and Zürs resorts. Now its time go to the next level and spark thousands of visitors be inspired by sustainability initiatives and change their lifestyles into more sustainable one, says Hermann Fercher, CEO, Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH.

Clean cooking stove production in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Government of Nepal announced a project to make smokeless kitchens by 2017. The project is on going. The Finnish invented Clean Cooking Stove “Turbo Stove” was taken in clean stoves marketplace feasibility in Nepal in 2013 and it got excellent feedback in terms of its efficiency and agile technology. The Turbo Stove has also been tested in various parts of Nepal for its efficiency and vulnerability. The Turbo Stove is extremely strong and simple, and can withstand all kinds of impact, including fire and corrosion for many years. The stove is made from heat and acid-resistant stainless steel or strong cold-rolled steel. The stove is 31 cm in height and 27 cm in width and has a base of 30 cm. The stove weighs 3 kg and uses wood, biomass and charcoal for fuel. The government of Nepal is interested to promote the product to low income generating families by providing subsidy provided the stoves are manufactured in Nepal. The project is seeking for investors who would be interested in setting up manufacturing of Clean Cooking Turbo Stoves in Nepal. Solved offered a unique and diverse marketing channel.

Sustainable solutions for Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Solved brings together experts to create viable options for the future of Nepal. Solved intends to support Nepal after the recent tragedy by providing viable options for its future. The final document will be submitted to the government of Nepal without any costs, the work will come as a result of the voluntary effort of the participating experts. Every participating expert will receive a thank you letter confirming the participation in the project. If you are interested to be part of the team, please, contact Mr. Radoslav Mizera at radoslav.mizera @ or +421 948 273327.

Solving the mobility challenge

Bratislava, Slovakia

How can Bratislava develop a sustainable mobility system? Bratislava has been recently affected by profound mobility challenges. Traffic jams are very evident, there is lack of parking places, cycling infrastructure is under-developed and under-financed, city mobility policy is ineffective, there are challenges in terms of public transportation, some of the proposed solutions - like the establishment of a new highway ring around the city - seem to be overpriced. Odviati ( and Solved intend to start defining the challenge in a wider scale. Then invite the experts within the Odviati and Solved communities, so we will start systematically tackling the challenge by bringing together experts in Slovakia and abroad (the focus group is Slovak expats abroad, however, we are very open to receive ideas from international experts as well). The project timeline is month November, the results of the project will be presented at a dedicated event in December. We plan to invite a top international expert in the area of mobility and so present the sustainable mobility system, demonstrate our results and initiate a wider debate on solving the challenge. More info at: radoslav.mizera @ or +421 948 273327.

New Mobility Agenda for Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova

Advancing the sustainable transport agenda in the poorest country in Europe. A high profile New Mobility Agenda pilot project for the fast-congesting city of Chisinau. Plan is to make a wonderful, timely and low cost contribution that would not only be a life enhancer for Moldavia's capital city-- applying all the lessons so painfully learned in the "West" in the last half century -- and in the process show the way for other cities in Eastern Europe and indeed elsewhere in the world who are in need of a new model. Once the road map is in shape and Chisinau get supported, the unique learning and best practices could be further utilised in many other cities with serious mobility challenges. Bilateral aid programs and various bits of the EU and UN family to be considered in the next steps.

On- and offshore wind power GA concept

Odessa, Ukraine

Providing sustainable, affordable electrical energy to anyone, anywhere. Development of Unique On- and Offshore Wind Power GA concept: stable electricity production; ability to work at all speeds of atmospheric air flow; short time increase the installed capacity of the unit system; without occupying additional areas; and remote management and an integrated system output. Business partners and expertise needed: 1) Design, construction and tests of a full working prototype module; 2) Pilot project; 3) Commercialization of On- and Offshore Wind Power GA concept. More information: Genri Adam, [email protected] / Solved Business Lead, [email protected]

Living as a Service Circular Economy Business Model Development

Oulu, Finland

This project is a continuation for the project idea developed in Oulu Circular Economy Workshop March 15, 2016. This dialogue will further develop the initial ideas innovated in the workshop. Dialogue is aiming at development project to be partly resourced under the umbrellas of Tekes Finland Challenge or "EAKR FISS project".

Cleantech company for sale!

Helsinki, Finland

Shares of the main shareholder of an international cleantech company delivering solutions for air protection in power plants and pulp & paper industry is for sale. With a turnover of ca. 4,5 MEUR and a unique technology & manufacturing portfolio, the company has strong growth expectations due to new obligations of tightening environmental legislation that forces companies to reduce the emissions. Located in the greater Helsinki area. Please contact: Mr. Risto Huvila, M&A Advisor, [email protected], +358400755661.

Financing opportunities by NEFCO

Helsinki, Finland

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) is seeking green growth investments and projects in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. NEFCO's main focus is to generate positive environmental effects of interest to the Nordic region including climate projects across the world. NEFCO's portfolio currently comprises nearly 400 small and medium-sized projects spread across different sectors. NEFCO is an international financial institution established by the five Nordic countries. More information, contacts: [email protected] or propose directly a project

Smart Twins Bratislava and Vienna

Bratislava, Slovakia

The city of Bratislava has expressed the intention to become an internationally recognized leader among Central European smart cities. As part of this process, the city is going to overtake following steps: 1. Defining Bratislava smart city Concept and Roadmap in close relationship with the Vienna smart city strategy (SMART TWINS). 2. Designating strategic initiatives and formulating funding / partnership programs to support project implementation. The ambition of this Smart City vision is based on regional collective intelligence to forge a distinctive Bratislava-Vienna based model. As part of this process, the city and community intend to invest in innovative, growth-generating projects. Bratislava seeks to devise and develop an outstanding quality of life and a prosperous economy for citizens through collaborative innovation, state-of-the-art technologies and a bold approach, backed by Bratislava´s and Vienna´s trademark creativity. Our point of view is to consolidate and strengthen the cooperation, sharing knowledge, ability and accumulated experience in the field of Smart City. Bratislava would benefit the most from the application of the Vienna´s approach. To achieve this goal the city is working with the advisory expert group composed of local and foreign experts. The integrated methodological environment which we want to develop allows for more realistic and consistent linkages across common Smart City issues made by the advisory group than conventional models, with the goal of simulating concrete and deep cooperation within selected instruments, each with their estimated budget and governance model. We claim that the developed approach will enable unprecedented, actionable insights in the management of our specific urban resources. First findings and conceptual line would be presented already on the next meeting of municipality directors of Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava in 2016, to be held in Bratislava on 23 June 2016. Milestones: Workshop 1 on 7th of June at between 14:00 - 16:00 CET Workshop 2 on 15th of June at between 14:00 - 16:00 CET Deadline for the CONCEPT work and paper by beginning of July Workshop 3 (Around 6th - 8th July - To be specified) Workshop 4 (Mid August - To be specified) Deadline for the ROADMAP paper by end of August For more information, please, contact [email protected]

Toward a New Mobility Agenda for Penang

Penang, Malaysia

The goal is to replace a very very poor "Transport Master Plan" which has been ginned up by certain local and financial interests in the small South Eastern Asian city of Penang, with a new plan and process which is supported by a growing number of NGOs and local environmental groups which fully respects the principles, procedures and priorities of a sustainable mobility policy and plan.

Devínska Ekobyla

Devinska Kobyla, Slovakia

Devinska kobyla is the highest hill in Bratislava. It was designated as a military base with anti-air missiles / potentially nuclear warheads. Today the whole area, is in fact part of national natural reservation and also Natura 2000, is abandoned, neglected and resembling a post apocalyptic era. In fact, the whole area is a predestined location for creating a new experience with nature, providing amenities for tourism, free time, ecological farming, recreation, beautiful views, educational activities, etc. It has all parameters to become a top destination within the city of Bratislava, due to its proximity, location, accessibility by quality infrastructure and existing stock of buildings (already in poor condition). Part of the land and area is owned by the city of Bratislava. Rest of the area has no clear ownership structure. This project will be introduced to the city as a potential local smart city demonstration / testbed project.

S&C Helsinki Air Quality Testbed (HAQT)

Helsinki Metropolitan, Finland

Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation is a step change project to drive the change towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. The change is made in cities, which are platforms for new solutions. New technologies and services are tested in different areas and across the region. The best ones will be exported and will create thriving businesses. S&C Helsinki Air Quality Testbed (HAQT) project will set up world’s first, city-wide supplementary air quality sensor network which will improve and extend the existing urban air quality monitoring system in the Helsinki capital region. Measured air quality data will be made available through public interfaces in order to facilitate the development of new services and applications. The network will provide city authorities, companies and ultimately citizens with more accurate information and forecasts on air quality. This information will support actions aimed at reducing emissions and minimizing exposure to them. Similar air quality sensor network can be built in any city or area. S&C Helsinki Air Quality Testbed projektissa rakennetaan maailman ensimmäinen koko kaupungin kattava ilmanlaadun sensoriverkko, joka vahvistaa pääkaupunkiseudun olemassa olevaa ilmanlaadun mittausjärjestelmää. Mittaustieto on kenen tahansa saatavilla avoimien rajapintojen kautta. Tarkoituksena on synnyttää ja kehittää uusia palveluita ja sovelluksia, joiden avulla kansalaiset, päätöksentekijät ja viranomaiset saavat entistä reaaliaikaisempaa ja tarkempaa tietoa ilmanlaadusta ja sen kehittymisestä. Mittaustiedon avulla voidaan kohdistaa päästöjen vähentämiseen tähtääviä toimenpiteitä sekä vähentää ihmisten altistumista ilmansaasteille. Vastaava sensoriverkko voidaan rakentaa mihin tahansa kaupunkiin maailmassa. Call for Action / Tule mukaan keskusteluun (mitä osallistujilta toivotaan): Please join the public HAQT project kick-off in late September. This event will introduce you to the project and the concept of supplementary air quality sensor network and the possibilities it provides. You are also challenged to innovate ways for your organisation to take advantage of the more accurate and open air quality data. HAQT –projektin julkinen kick-off -tilaisuus järjestetään syys-lokakuun vaihteessa. Tule mukaan kuulemaan lisää projektista ja sensoriverkko -konseptista, sen mahdollisuuksista sekä ideoimaan miten oma organisaatiosi voisi hyödyntää tarkkaa ja avointa ilmanlaatutietoa. The Helsinki Metropolitan is the best test bed in the world for smart and clean solutions, @SmartClean_Fi #smartclean, Smart & Clean Community:

Oulu Start-up Hub 2.0

Oulu, Finland

Ecosystem development + communications platform. Our focus is on the "start-up ecosystem" in Oulu region and initial goal is to enable a better collaboration and more efficient sharing of info through this platform. The ultimate goal is to develop the start-up service platform that combines the best of virtual and physical collaboration.

Smart City BizHack India

Helsinki, Finland

Smart City BizHack India is the first Indian-themed event alongside Slush, which is 100% dedicated to unveiling the vast opportunities in the Indian market for Smart City Innovation. GOInternational’s three day event will offer Series A Start-ups, SMEs and Corporations a bridge to access live projects in India and to present their solutions for direct uptake in our Pilot State!

S&C Indoor Air Quality

Helsinki Metropolitan, Finland

Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation is a step change project to drive the change towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. The change is made in cities, which are platforms for new solutions. New technologies and services are tested in different areas and across the region. The best ones will be exported and will create thriving businesses. S&C Indoor Air Quality project aims to develop a novel approach to global indoor air quality issues by ideating indoor air as-a-service model. Join this project to create solutions with a potential to improve everyday lives of millions of people globally! Sisäilman laatuun vaikuttavien tekijöiden ja niiden vaikutusten parempi ymmärtäminen mahdollistaa sisäilmaltaan laadukkaiden ja kustannustehokkaiden tilojen hankinnan ja hallinnan. Hankkeen aikana kehitetään hyvän sisäilman ja sisäilmaolosuhteiden kriteeristö sekä toimivia mittausvälineitä ja -menetelmiä, jotka edelleen mahdollistavat laadukkaan sisäilman, esimerkiksi hankittuna palveluna. Hyvä sisäilma palveluna -konseptiin tarvitaan yksityisten ja julkisten toimijoiden yhteistyötä. Hankkeeseen on jo tunnistettu kiinnostuneita, potentiaalisia toimijoita eri sektoreilta. Hankkeen liiketoimintapotentiaaliksi on arvioitu Suomessa satoja miljoonia ja globaalisti miljardeja euroja. Hankkeen tuloksena syntyy sisäilman laadun ekosysteemi, joka synnyttää uusia ratkaisuja ja vientikonsepteja sisäilman laatuhaasteisiin. Hyvän sisäilman osatekijöiden parempi ymmärtäminen tukee päätöksentekoa ja resurssien tehokkaampaa kohdistamista. Hankkeen valmistelu tapahtuu syksyn 2017 aikana ja varsinaisen hankekokonaisuuden on tarkoitus käynnistyä vuoden 2018 alussa. Myös valmistelu tehdään yhdessä kiinnostuneiden toimijoiden kanssa: mikäli olet kiinnostunut osallistumaan hankkeeseen tai sinulla on siihen liittyviä ideoita, ehdotuksia tai toiveita niin kerro niistä täällä. The Helsinki Metropolitan is the best test bed in the world for smart and clean solutions, @SmartClean_Fi #smartclean, Smart & Clean Community:

Nordic Smart Cities in India

Chhattisgarh, India

Smart city projects in a pilot state Chhattisgarh and 15+ other cities in India. This is a substantial business opportunity for Finnish companies to get connected and start early stage engagement directly with project owners in India. Amongst other things we are looking for companies with solutions for waste management, water management, energy sustainability and efficiency, mobility, transportation, safety and security. For more information go to:

Funding opportunity for Russia: Call for proposals from Nordic-Russian environment and climate programme

North-West Russia, Russia

Please approach NEFCO for more information and for sending your application or feel free to discuss the project opportunities with SOLVED platform to develop common projects and to include partners to your proposals. The purpose of the Programme for Environment and Climate Co-operation (PECC) is to contribute directly to create an improved status for the environment and climate in North-West Russia and indirectly lead to improvements in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the whole Barents Region by supporting relevant projects at regional and local levels in North-West Russia. Funding is available for building networks, disseminating information, improving capacity, and investing in equipment, technology and infrastructure within the fields of renewable energy sources, energy savings and improved energy efficiency, cleaner production and sustainable consumption, sustainable city and land-use planning and protection of nature. Selected proposals may receive grant financing from EUR 30,000 to EUR 200,000 subject to certain co-financing requirements. The total amount of funding for the programme is EUR 1.1 million. Applications can be sent through the application website until 15 May 2017. For more information see: Application website: Call for Proposals: Additional information on the programme: Guidelines:

Toward a New Circular Economy: Vision, Strategy, Policy, Practice

-, All

A full introductory description to the concept of Circular Economy, its uses and importance for business civil society and above all for government (who should lead not follow when it comes to understanding and initiatives) is available here

Fiksu Kalasatama Kehittäjien Klubi

Helsinki, Finland

Helsingin Kalasatamaan nousee parhaillaan uusi työpaikka- ja asuinalue, jossa kokeillaan uudenlaista älykästä kaupunkikehitystä. Kalasatamassa kokoontuu Fiksu Kalasatama Kehittäjien Klubi, jossa on mukana aluetta kehittäviä yrityksiä, kaupungin virkamiehiä sekä asukasinnovaattoreita. Kehittäjien Klubi on uudenlainen yhteistyömuoto kaupunginosan kehittämisessä. Sen tarkoitus on helpottaa yhteistyökumppaneiden löytämistä ja yhteisten projektien monialaista suunnittelua. Tämä on Kehittäjien Klubin digitaalinen yhteistyöalusta, jolla keskustellaan, jaetaan tietoa ja ylläpidetään tapahtumakalenteria. Alustalla on myös helppoa ottaa yhteyttä muihin klubilaisiin ja edistää jäsenten ideoimia projektiaihiota pidemmälle.

C40 City Solutions Platform - Seattle - Transportation

Seattle, United States

The City will use the City Solutions Platform (CSP) to create a new policy framework that allows the city to more easily adopt innovative and equitable transportation products and services. This framework will allow flexibility to compensate or invest in businesses that provide economic and community benefits whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation sector. The City has hosted a number of workshops, hackathons, co-creation events on this topic since 2015 and have a high commitment to addressing the challenge of transportation for a growing population and need to reduce GHGs. The City has recently developed an open data program that will be used to increase quality of life, transparency how the city works, promote economic and research development, improve internal performance management. Transparency and open data initiatives have supported significant socio-economic and environmental benefits (smart cities open data guide) and Seattle is eager to experiment with business plan(s) that dive deeper into the role the City has in delivering IT software services to the public. Key City of Seattle Goals: The City Solutions Platform Workshop 1 will assist the City of Seattle to identify and more easily adopt innovative and equitable transportation products and services to address the city’s challenges. The City Solutions Platform Workshop 1 will provide the opportunity to: - Build solution provider understanding of Seattle’s climate related digital equity challenge. - Contextualize the climate challenge. - Identify the City of Seattle’s priorities for innovative and equitable transportation - Identify a few specific high-tech and data driven transportation solutions and products that will be refined throughout the City Solutions Platform process - Explore one specific location within Seattle as reference to local issues and opportunities - Develop innovative ideas to address challenges, constraints, and community needs - Facilitate connection and sharing of experience locally, nationally and globally (across the C40 network)

C40 City Solutions Platform - Rio de Janeiro - Waste Management

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The treatment and final disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has been a challenge for most Brazilian municipalities, with 41.6% of all MSW generated in the country being disposed of improperly. COMLURB (the municipal waste company) is currently building and implementing a pilot plant, which aims to establish the first national technology for the treatment of organic fraction of MSW with biogas and composting production, linking sanitation to power generation. The main challenge is the technical and economic feasibility of the technology developed in the pilot project. If proven to be technical and economically feasible, this technology could be installed at plants with similar capacities in hundreds of municipalities in developing countries. The city of Rio de Janeiro will use the City Solutions Platform (CSP) to implement a financial, social and environmental solution to treat the organic fraction of its waste, which represents over 50% in weight of total household waste. There are three parts to their challenge: - The implementation of a 1,500 t/day Mechanical Recovery Facility - The economic feasibility of an Upscaled Biomethanization Plant - The technical and economic Feasibility of Electric Compacting Trucks